Residence: Kyrgyzstan.


2017 Free documentary photographer

2014 - 2017: photographer in newspaper "The Evening Bishkek"


The Guardian, OZY, TAZ, Eurasianet.org, Lenta.ru, Xinhua Agency, Kloop.kg, Evening Bishkek, News Asia, MSN, vb.kg, gde.kg, novastan.org, Forum Plus.


2015 - 2018. School of modern photojournalism and documentary photography "DocDocDoc".

2013 - 2018. Department of television and communications at Kyrgyz Government University Culture and Art of named Bubusara Beyshenaliev.

2018 Mentorship and residency program of Docking Station in Amsterdam

2018 Almaty Video School project of Prague Civil Society Centre.

2017 school of contemporary art "Art East"

2016 Noor Nikon Kazahstan master-class in Almaty with Yuri Kozyrev, Benedicte Kurzen and Sebastian Liste.

2016 Festival summer school, workshop documentary photography of Andrei Polikanov.

2015 Photodrift research and educational program.

2014 Summer training - June / July "Photojournalism and sound documentary" in Francekoul.com / Novastan.org .

2013 Internship in Newspaper "The Evening Bishkek".


2017 - Festival of Photojournalism VILNIUS PHOTO CIRCLE

2017 - "Migrants: An Invisible force in Central Asia"

2017 - Exhibition of contemporary art "NeNeNe"

2017 - Bishkek First April Competition

2016 - Odesa// Batumi Photo Days Festival "TERRITORY//SPACE"

2016 - group exhibition "VKimrah"

2015 - II Festival "Stars of the Silk Road"


2018 - VI Forum Umut: Prize "Umut" in Documentary Contest

2017 - Festival of Photojournalism VILNIUS PHOTO CIRCLE, First prize in Home Work Contest

2017 - The incentive prize of the Bishkek First April Competition

2016 - shortlist of "Direct look" contest

2016 - "DocDocDoc" Award